Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Progress in DAT Studying

Yesterday I was really down about not being about to score well on the Gen Chemistry and QR section of the DAT destroyer. So this morning, instead of letting my self doubt get to me, I searched YouTube from some motivational videos from the trusty Eric Thomas. I stumbled upon this video: 

One part that really stuck with me is the picture of me on my death bed with the ghosts of my abilities surrounding me, furious with me. How quickly I forget how many things I'm blessed with: Intelligence, memory, understanding, ability to progress, faith, persistence, endurance...the list goes on. Those are just the things I hold within myself. I have time, money, a home, health, family, love, comfort, healthy food, and FREE EDUCATION. Who is the right mind has the right to complain in my situation? I have everything I need for success, I literally have to get up and grab it. I can't let the doubt to speak to me louder than my blessings. 

Another thing I'm extremely blessed with is being able to laugh, HARD again. I never realize how much I miss it until it happens to me out of the blue. Talking to Martina has brought that back to me and I cherish it above so many things. I can't remember the last time I was able to repeat something hilarious and STILL cry in laughter. It cleanses the soul. 

I received an email from University of Tennessee! They received my application! It's real! It's here! I can't believe that after ALL THESE YEARS (almost 8 years) that I'm here. No one can take this from me. It's mine. I"ll have it for the rest of my life. I can say that on my death bed....I took a leap and I didn't care if I was scared or not. I didn't care what people said. I didn't settle for what was easy. I can hang my hat on that rack that other people are too scared to even display on the wall. That's MY WALL, that's I BUILT that rack, THAT'S MY MOTHER FREAKEN HAT! 

I score high on QR and Gen Chem today..... ;)

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