Friday, July 18, 2014


I went to a success seminar by Dr. Dave Martin at Celebration Church that Steven likes to go to. This guy had worked with Joel Osteen so I figured it would be nice to attend. He was really funny which I appreciated! Here are some pointers that I took from the seminar:

  • You limit yourself by your thoughts
  • you need to change things about yourself that you don't like TODAY (not monday or someday)
  • The whole world stinks because you are carrying the stink with you. Get the stink off you! (fear & self doubt)
  • 3 ways to see yourself:
    • The way others see you
    • How you see yourself
    • The way God see's you -- perfect and successful
  • Companies spend $30 million dollars on a commercial for 30 seconds of your time -- start realizing how valuable you really are
  • What really makes you come alive?
  • What is it that you hate? take it out of your life and make sure to work towards the opposite (I.E.: someone hating human trafficking, works in an organization to bring awareness to the situation or works to abolish it)
  • You have to see it within yourself to believe it! Start seeing yourself as a dentist! know what it feels like to be called Dr. Gutierrez
  • Little victories lead to big success
  • Set Goals!
    • Set visual goals as well
  • FOCUS!
    • most people fail over broke focus. You want to break a persons focus? Give them another dream
    • Sight affects desire. Put your desires in your line of sight
  • You must invest in things that you find valuable! 
In the middle of the seminar my mom texted me to tell me that she opened her bible to find a letter I had written when we first moved into the house. I don't remember the letter but I do remember feeling on top of the world for living in that house. It almost moved me to tears because really do remember how thankful I was that he has blessed us with so much. I felt undeserving. I am so so grateful that He has continued to be so so good to me and my family. 
I shared it with Steven's mom, Mabi, and Steven. It's so good to have people around me that understand what it feels like to feel so blessed. 

Thank you for continuing to be so good to me! I 

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